Young Researcher Award

The MOSIM 2016 scientific committee is organizing the young researcher awards competition,to be presented at the MOSIM2016 conference in Montreal, August 22-24, 2016.

The purpose of the competition is to reward excellence in scientific work done by Master, Doctoral or Post-doc students and to encourage a high standard of scientific communication. The Competition aims at giving students the opportunity to share their research ideas and results in a special forum that provides visibility for their work. The students will also have the opportunity to meet and interact with MOSIM attendees to share ideas, gain new insights, and understand possible practical applications. The MOSIM Competition Committee shall provide a more detailed feedback to students about their research papers and presentations.

Papers will be judged based on their contribution towards the advancement of theory and practice of Modelling, Optimization & Simulation.

Three awards are available:

  • First place : 1 000 CAD
  • Second place : 500 CAD
  • Third place : 300 CAD

For participation, here are the conditions for eligibility:

  1. The student must be Master, Doctoral or Postdoctoral student at the time of submission and the first author of the paper for competition. Only one paper can be submitted by a student.
  2. The submitted paper must be the same paper accepted for presentation during the conference (final version uploaded to the easychair platform).
  3. The submitted papermust report on original research conducted primarily by the candidate. Some assistance by other individuals such as the student’s faculty advisor is permitted as long as the student is the real “first author”. This must be confirmed in the Advisor’s letter.
  4. The student should plan to attend the conference, to present his/her paper during the competition time and to participate in the awards ceremony planned during the gala dinner of the conference.
  5. Moreover the paper will be presented either in a regular session or in one of the special sessions proposed for the conference.
  6. In judging a submitted paper, the Committee will consider the originality of the work, the standard of its scientific/practical contribution, the clarity of expression and the quality of the presentation by the student.
  7. A brief personal profile and a photograph of the winner are to be submitted by each prize winner to by the end of the month in which the conference is held for publication on the web site of the Conference.

Requirements for Submission:

  • A “cover page” (in PDF) with the candidate’s name, current address, e-mail address, the name, affiliation and e-mail address of the candidate’s advisor.
  • The paper (in PDF) as submitted to the conference
  • A letter (in PDF) from the advisor confirming
  • The candidate’s name and current affiliation
  • The title of the paper

To be considered for the Award, the above material as well as the full paper must be submitted by July 15, 2016, to the Conference e-mail with the subject heading “MOSIM2016 – Young Researcher Awards”.

We look forward to meet you in Montréal next summer.

Best regards,

Ali Gharbi and Mustapha Ouhimmou
Chairs of the organizing committee of MOSIM 2016

Amin Chaabane and NidhalRezg
Chairs of the scientific committee of MOSIM 2016